Why Biotics Nutrition?

You may wonder why Dr. Tim only prescribes Biotics Research Corporation brand supplements for his patients. The answer lies in his determination to see effective change take place in his patients' health. The nutrition industry includes a range of suppliers, varying significantly in quality. Some company's claims can be wildly over-stated, while the actual effectiveness of their products is negligible, at best. At OWP, we've done the research for you, to find the highest-quality, most potent, and therefore, most effective nutritional supplements on the market. Our patients see real results. Biotics Research Corporation makes their own products, so they aren't merely a middle man. Their quality control and testing standards are rigorous, as are their standards for the materials they use to produce supplements.

Here are eight reasons why Biotics is the best choice for nutritional supplements:

(Information from Metabolic Management)

BRC tests all raw materials for heavy metals. Because of this rigorous testing, BRC has found mercury, lead and other toxic metals in some of the bulk materials that have been shipped to them from "trusted" suppliers. BRC rejects all such materials. Sadly, many supplement companies will buy the same materials in good faith and put them into their own supplements never knowing that they contain heavy metals. These supplement companies only use the most basic Quality Control, relying on suppliers Certificate of Analysis because they can't afford in-house professional staff, or equipment to do the testing themselves. These standards are woefully inadequate for Biotics Research.

BRC uses State of the Art analytical equipment in their laboratory to identify the exact plant, nutrient species and biochemical properties. (i.e. High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Thin Layer Chromatography, FTIR Spectroscopy, IPC-Mass Spec and Gel Electrophoresis) Many powdered botanical agents can look the same and sometimes different parts of the same plant can be named the same. Biotics' raw material testing can identify the exact species of a plant and the active nutrient. This testing assures that their supplements will deliver effective results.

BRC tests each individual ingredient for active properties. Nutrients grown in poor soil or harvested at the wrong time of the year, for example, may not contain the active properties that BRC is looking for in their supplements. Each single ingredient may undergo 4-7 different tests to be sure biological activity is present. Using these tests and sophisticated laboratory equipment, Biotics has created Bio-Prints for the botanicals they use. This is like a finger print for plants. It identifies the plant, the part of the plant, and often even the part of the world where the plant originated! Because of this, BRC's quality control goes beyond any other manufacturer in the industry.

BRC tests to assure residues of solvents are removed. Solvents are needed to extract Phytochemicals from plants. Knowing the biochemistry of botanical extracts and how they are concentrated, Biotics tests to assure that the residues of these solvents are removed. For example, in curcumin extract, a potentially carcinogenic solvent may be used (1,2 Di-chloroethane). The maximum limit according to the USP is 5 ppm. When Biotics tested for the presence of this solvent from one supplier they found 139 ppm - nearly thirty times the limit. Obviously, that material was rejected. Biotics' standards are far above the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

BRC emulsifies its oils. Processed oils must be emulsified before they can be used by the body. The gallbladder does this job in the human body. Knowing that many people have digestion problems, BRC makes its supplements with emulsified oils, reducing the stress on the body, and dramatically increasing the nutrient absorption by the user. In fact, emulsified oils can increase absorption (uptake) by 300%!

BRC uses phytochemically rich plants as a tableting base. Their base, unlike the sugar, starch and inert materials used by other supplement companies, is loaded with antioxidants! Gram for gram, the BRC tableting base has some of the highest levels of antioxidants of any known botanical agent!

BRC uses phytochemically bound trace minerals. Trace minerals such as lithium, rubidium and molybdenum are now being actively researched for their healing and health properties. For twenty years, BRC has been using a revolutionary technique to naturally bind these trace minerals to the plants used in their supplements. These trace minerals can then be naturally recognized by the body when ingested.

BRC glandular products supply neonatal glands from animals one to three days old. This is extremely significant because the glands at this development stage are highly anabolic, which means they have all the genetic material to reproduce healthy tissue. The glands of older animals can be much more toxic if they have been subjected to years of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and herbicides, and their organs have undergone many more years of use!